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Friday, November 24, 2006
Battle field..

It's time to step out into the battle field.

My heart is pounding fast, my palms are sweaty- I know that the next few days of war will be significant.

Am I ready? I don't feel ready. But since when do we base such importance on feelings... ?

My sword has been sharpened and polished. It glistens in the sun. I'm ready to use it as a form of attack against the enemy. My helmet is firmly on my head, ready to take captive of any thought that comes against me. I have my shoes on, my battle shoes! Ready to walk into any situation, to change the atmosphere, to carry peace. I have my breastplate on and belt fastened around me. Yes, I am ready. The King has prepared this armour especially for me, how could I not be ready?

The weekend is going to be powerful. Slaying demons, in my King's name. Seeing bondages broken, in my King's name. Releasing captives from prison, in my King's NAME. And seeing these freed people step into all that God has for them.

It's time to go to war.

It's time to go to youth camp.

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