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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Worth it?

I would be lying if I said it was easy.
It wasn't easy.
My body is exhausted, my emotions are running high and spiritually I feel dry.
But I will push on.
You know that it is worth it when the 12-year old girl grabs you by the arm, tears in her eyes and says "It is because of you that I know God..."
Or when the young 14 year old who has had a hard heart all year, never responds to anything, holds onto you crying as you tell her that God will be her father, that although she never had a father, He will be her Father and He will love her as His daughter.
You know it's worth it when the man of God, who the whole world is praying for, steps onto the platform and encourages us to "Keep on standing".. declaring these words as he pushes past all physical sickness, you watch as something switches in your young people and the lights come on that now is the time to stand, now is the time to fight for their friends.
The fight was hard, lack of sleep didn't help, muscles are sore and tired... but gosh, it was worth it.

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