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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Woken from coma.

The look in her eyes told me that everything was not okay. She stood at my door in silence fighting the tears that so desperately wanted to escape.

"Honey..." My mum whispers. "Your... your grandfather has had a heart attack... he...he..." I watch as she grips tightly to the door frame, knuckles turning white. Taking a quick breath she continues, "he's in a coma... he isn't going to make it... They want to pull the life support off in a couple of days..." One lone tear creeps slowly down her face. "We'll say our good-byes tomorrow." And as she finishes she sadly turns away, closes the door and leaves me in the emptiness of my room.

I was 15 years old, only a new Christian, not yet attending church. Jesus was my everything, but I lacked so much wisdom and so much knowledge. As my mum left me to my silence I felt an odd peace settle in my heart. No tears came. No fear gripped me. Sitting there on my lonesome all I could feel was an indescribable peace.

"Why am I not sad?" I asked God.
And in my heart I could feel the faint whispers of my King, "He will live. I want to give him 6 more months, I want him to know me."
"But he is in a coma Lord."
"He will rise..."

Breathlessly I fell on my knees and began to worship. He won't die? He will live? How is this so. I had never heard of healings, I had never heard of such mysteries. Pulling out my Bible I began to pour over the story of Jesus raising Lazarus, and how He time and time again would heal people of their diseases. Turning to Acts I read in wonder of how ordinary day-to-day men were used in the power of God to see people healed and set free. My heart fluttered in my chest. Could it be that God could use me in this same way? That if I lay my hands on my grandfather, that God will raise Him?

If that it was the Word says, then it must be so. I had decided in my heart. I didn't know many christians- I was banned from church. All I knew was God and what the Word said. All I knew was HIS character. I didn't know the pollution and doubt that us Christians can sometimes do to His simple truths.

The following day came. We drove in silence to the hospital. My dad was concentrating on the road, holding tight to the wheel. Looking at him I could see the battle that was happening. His father, sick. His father, death creeping in. His father, his best friend, having to say good bye. As I watched my father drive I could feel my heart breaking.
If only my family knew the love of God... I had thought to myself. A smile settles on my face as I thought of what was about to take place.

We were ushered into the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit. Family flooded the room. Pay their respects, share their love, say good-bye. Distraught was written across their faces. My grandmother reached out to me, hugged me, cried into my shoulder. Silently I parted from the family, nestled into a corner, pulled out my Bible and waited.

"What are you reading?!" A family member shouted out to me.
"The Bible..." My face turned to a shade of red. Lack of confidence. Embarrassment. Fear?
My family member laughed at me. They would always laugh. Jeering. Taunting. Not understanding. Thinking they were wise beyond their years and I was just the little girl who knew nothing and was just a little tiny Christian.

If only they knew what a powerful God could do through a little tiny Christian.

At last, it was my turn to walk into the ICU. My grandmother held tightly to my hand. Afraid that my young mind would not cope wtih the sight that I would see. Silently we walked through the unit, passing by beds of people about to face eternity.

Where would they go?

We reach my grandfather. Mind racing as I saw him lying on that bed. I gulped for air. He had lost weight, he was the shade of death, tubes were everywhere. A loud whirring machine was hooked up to him. What do I do? Do I say good bye? I was afraid. Embarrassed even of my faith. What would my grandmother say when I prayed? What would the nurses do?
But I knew that I had to get past the fear and realise that this was a life or death situation.

Placing my trembling hands on his head I uttered a whisper. "Jesus... do what You need to do. The Bible says that you can heal. Please, heal my grandfather. Take sickness from him."

My grandmother began to shake and cry as I whispered those words.

We walked out, hand in hand. Peace was once again reigning over fear. That night as I went to bed I knew that although nothing happened at that moment... something had shifted. Death had moved. Life came in.
Morning came. My mum walks into my room, all smiles. Excited. Uncertain. She knew that I had prayed for him, grandmother told her.

"You'll never believe it Sam..." She was almost jumping off the walls. "The nurses say it is a miracle. Just before they were going to take the life support off... he woke up" She was beaming.

It was at that moment that I began to weep.

And then, the next day, he was released from hospital. A well man. Ready to go home. Ready to do life again.
The Lord Almighty gave him a second chance.

What an awesome God we serve! The love that He has for us! The mercy and the grace! If only we could truly understand all of this. If only we could truly believe how much He loves us! How great is our God! He is supreme! He is almighty! He reigns! All other names must bow to His name!
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