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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Just things...
Don't you love it when one insignificant detail of your day can change the course of your life? You are walking along, everything is fine, life is great, things are... settled... and then BAM!.. Something so small can effect everything. Unbeknownst (is that even a word? I totally tried sounding smart then) to anyone else, or the culprit of the act, it changes the events that are currently taking place.
It frustrates me, to be honest.
But, at the same time, it is pushing me more and more to keep on running the race, to not give up, to keep on fighting, to keep on resting in HIM, to KNOW Him more. I must Know HIM or I will not survive.
I've tried that road before. Doing things on my own, giving up, not trusting... making stupid choices to satisfy something that only God can satisfy. Not ever again though. No way. Nothing, no situation, no problem, no anything will be able to pervert the character of my God that I know so well.
I will trust.

In other news... once again talking about those forbidden bites... I was running around at my friends house. Suddenly it began to sting, like a long needle was being driven into my leg. So I ran to their first aid kit, found some bite cream... and glumped it on. It was gel. Clear as day light. So I just smothered it on, aaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over myself. It was incredible. So soothing. So relaxing. But, how the heck did I know it would turn my leg white? Since when does clear gel appear white? All our young people laughed at me all night for my legs that looked like I dropped a bucket of paint on them. I'll let them think that.

Tonight I'm taking out one of the young girls. She's 14. Barely squeeks a word. Her form of communication to me is via SMS. It will be an interesting night.
"Soooooo... how was school?"
"Great. What did you do?"
"Stuff." At this point she'd be going a bright crimson red from the awkwardness of talking to an adult.
I love youth ministry :)
posted by Samantha Louise 4:40 PM  
  • At February 23, 2007 at 1:46:00 AM GMT+11, Anonymous Philip the 3rd said…

    Yay for a generation who hide behind a keypad. The Internet and mobiles can certainly bring people together, but it can also put up barriers.

    Keep pressing on Sam. Jesus took a hold of you for a reason. There is a prize that God has placed ahead of you. A prize like no other. And even along the way, before reaching that prize, you will inspire others.

    And unbeknownst is a word, well done on looking smart.

  • At February 23, 2007 at 2:16:00 PM GMT+11, Blogger Mike Messerli said…

    Good post, Sam. I'll be praying for you to keep your eyes on HIM.


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