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Monday, February 12, 2007

Loose ends are tied. Things are buried. The old has gone, and the new has come in. I left the meeting feel a tinge of sadness, sadness that things have come this way, but relief also flooded in. Happiness with the knowledge that this has all come out for the good, for the better.

Afterwards, I was at the church office doing what I do every sunday night after church, cleaning. Broom in hand. Complete silence. Focussed on the task at hand. When suddenly off in the distant I could hear melodies from musicals that I loved as a child. Before I knew it, flooding the office were hundreds of dancers and singers. The broom quickly turned into a dancing apparatus. Joy burst from deep within my stomach, through my mouth, in beautiful songs from musicals such as Annie and the Sound of Music. I began to use the broom as I danced across the kitchen, belting out tunes for my audience to hear. Tone deaf songs with unco-ordinated twirls across the tiles. Smiles on face. Glee in heart. I could see it, I was on stage, ooing and aahing those watching. As my imagination continued to run wild I was interuppted by a staff member who was sitting in his office un-announced...
"Louise, you are one funny person, how could I not love you?"
The music stopped. Dancers and singers disappeared. My dancing apparatus changed back into a broom. And my face quickly burned a crimson red.

"This is why I don't sing on stage..." I quickly muttered. And hurriedly I returned to my task, office cleaning, silence once again becomming my friend. Yet, as I swept the the floor, I couldn't help but smile at my moment of being caught.


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