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Friday, February 2, 2007
I'm hungry. So very very hungry.

Two nights ago I was sleeping peacefully, having blissful dreams, cat purring by my side. But then suddenly, with no warning, I awoke to the grumble of my stomach.

"What the!?" I thought to myself, as I saw the clock blinking at me 3am...go back to's 3am..GO TO SLEEP...3am...3am...3:01am...3:01am...GO TO SLEEP...GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!

But I just couldn't, I could not for the life of me shut my eyes and enter into la-la-dream land again. Why is that? Because I felt this strange sensation over take my body, it began to invade me, over-ride me, it... took over. What was this strange sentation? Craving.

I'll say that again...


Not only does the forbidden craving mess with your body, but it messes with your mind. Here I am, wanting to sleep but cannot sleep because 1) My body had a... craving. and 2) I was beginning to see things.

Things? You say. Yes, things. I'm lying on my bed, stomach moaning, body having craving fits, and in front of my eyes I see pork chops dancing, doing the waltz.

"Ohhhh how I would love pork chops right now..." Says the stomach.

But wait, it did not end there. No. As the pork chops danced and I noticed sandwhich bread skipping over to them, hugging them, and I watched as the pork chops nestled between two pieces of bread.

"Pork sandwhich.......ohhhh...." My stomach cries louder.

Just as I thought this couldn't get any worst, I watch as APPLE SAUCE/BABY FOOD is drizzled inside the sandwhich.

"Pork sandwhich with apple sauce/ baby food... ahhh..."

It was getting too much for me. This craving. It was beginning to ruin my life. Never in my entire 22-years have I eaten a pork sandwhich with apple sauce. Never. I'm not sure if they even exist...

But two days later, the craving is still there, still longing, moaning, groaning. I don't think it'll ever stop pestering me until I allow my taste buds to indulge on this sandwhich.

And when they do indulge, you'll be the first to know.


posted by Samantha Louise 11:57 AM  

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