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Friday, February 16, 2007

As of late I have been devouring books as if I have suffered and just recovered from anorexia-reading. It's as if some sort of plague has overcame me and I cannot focus on the normal world and I must lock myself into a new world of a book.

I'm loving it.

The other night I was with my sister and a few friends at the movies. It was a good movie. But boy, I could not wait until I could pick up that book again and read for my eyes glory. As soon as we left the cinema I had the book in hand, much to the embarrassment of my friends as they watched me drift into another place- whilst still in the cinema foyer.
From the beginning of the year, these are the books that I've indulged in thus far:

Waking Lazarus, T.L Hines
Monster, Frank Peretti
House, Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker
Smith Wigglesworth on Spiritual Gifts, Smith Wigglesworth
Blessed Child, Ted Dekker
The Voice of God, Cindy Jacobs
Prophet, Frank Peretti
The Visitation, Frank Peretti
The Supernatural Life, Cindy Jacobs
Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness, Chuck Pierce
Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, Cindy Jacobs
Hearts of Fire, The Voice of the Martyrs
Enemy Access Denied, John Bevere
and ofcourse...
The Word Of God, the Lord Almighty.

My latest book that is sitting next to me right now (and waiting so patienty for me to enjoy!) is Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers.

Yes, I love books. I love reading. Whenever I tell people that though, they never believe me. Apparently I don't look the "smart" sort.

What books have you read or what book are you currently reading?
posted by Samantha Louise 12:30 AM  
  • At February 16, 2007 at 10:36:00 AM GMT+11, Anonymous Bec said…

    You'll almost inspired me to do another blog post on reading... but incase I don't, for the record:

    The Thurber Carnival (fiction-funny stuff and short stories)

    The Pleasures of God - John Piper (long haul, but facinating and I'm learning a fair bit)

    Creative Living - Barry Chant (getting there, I've heard lots before)

    and I just finished Boy by Roald Dahl (to change it up a bit)

    oh... and A Year with CS Lewis, but I'll be going on that for a while.

    you can see what I'm reading at

  • At February 17, 2007 at 5:46:00 PM GMT+11, Anonymous Paul said…

    I am not a great reader of books. But I have read Roald Dahl's Boy which was really enoyable.

    The last book I read was Eoin Cameron's "Rolling into the world - memoirs of a ratbag child". It was quite funny and amazing how mischievous one kid can be (it is an auto on his childhood and there is a sequel).

    One book I got given for Christmas is Ben Elton's "Chart Throb" which I'm not finding an easy read - it's quite crude at times.

    I've also read some short fictional kids sotries - they come with packs of Green's cake mixes or similar. One was by Paul Jennings. I enjoyed them all, short, imaginative and all different.

    And the Bible too. That's my most regular read.

  • At February 18, 2007 at 12:22:00 AM GMT+11, Anonymous burks said…

    Spy Catcher - the candid autobiography of a former Assistant Director of MI5 - Peter Wright.

    It's a fantastic read, I must say. Always good to get the real version of what really happened.

  • At February 20, 2007 at 9:32:00 AM GMT+11, Blogger samantha louise said…

    I'll have to check out each of those books you three all mentioned :)


  • At February 22, 2007 at 1:09:00 AM GMT+11, Blogger Littlesteph said…

    I am in between books, but I bought a fantastic one today called
    'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte.
    'Tarantula' by Bob Dylan is on my want-list!
    'Temple' by Matthew Reilly is on my current reading pile.
    'Whoever You Choose To Love' is an absolutely fantastic book written by Colette Paul!


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