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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
The boy.
The 13 year old boy smirked at me from across the room. I ignored him and continued on with what I was speaking. But out of the corner of my eye I could not help but see that boy making gestures, crude jokes and laughing at the non-laughing parts.

Afterwards I hanged out in the highschool's hall, meeting teenagers and connecting with them. Telling them stories of when I was attending this school. A year 10-er approached me, fidgeting with his hands, tugging at his school tie, nervous smile on face.

"I err... I've been sick... Could you pray for me?" He says, eyes diverting my own.

"Sure! I would love to!" Excitement is caught in my throat. Looking around I gather some christian teenagers to pray with me.

We stood there in the hall, and placed our hands on his shoulders. The other teenagers looked at me, waiting in expectation of what to do next. And as they stared at me I noticed the 13-year old bounding towards me. Purposeful steps. Sarcastic grin on face. He laughed as he noticed us placing our hands on the year 10-ers shoulder. And in mockery, he copied.

Without hesitation I proclaim a prayer of healing, asked God to bless this boy, and generally encouraged him. After we prayed the 13-year old stood there in stun silence.

The year 10-er grins, nerves having fled, and tells us how he is feeling better already. I pat him on the shoulder and tell him he is a champion. His face is beaming and he runs off to tell his friend.
And I notice the 13-year old boy, following me around, watching my steps. I turn to look at him and smile. He looks back at me and blinks.

"That prayer stuff is pretty weird heh.." He says, chewing on his lip in thoughtfulness.

"Why do you say that?" Curiosity hangs on my every word.

"Well, when I put my hand on that guys shoulder... when you prayed.. I felt a jolt go from my hand, up my shoulder, into my chest. And now... well I had this bad cough for ages.. but now.. it's gone." A small smile begins to creep across his face.

Laughing, I give him a high-five and wink.

"God is pretty powerful you know!"
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