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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Bhuddist petrol man.
His pearly-white teeth were almost glow in the dark. It was his smile that captured me. I turned and looked at this smiley Pakistani BP Petrol service man and asked him, "Why the big smile?"

He laughs and says, "I smile because I see you."

"You smile because you see me?" Curiosity rose in my mind.

"Yes." He nods. "I served you a few weeks ago, you are a nice lady. A very nice lady. Always happy. And nice." He tells me in his broken english. Not knowing what to say I skip towards the door, and as I am about to leave the service station I turn back and say, "Jesus loves you!" I cringe at my own corny-ness.

"Wait!" He speaks louder now. "Don't go!" I stop dead in my tracks and turn to look at him. The smile on his face has disappeared. His eyes stare at me quizzically. "What did you say?" He asks quietly.

I take a few steps towards him and pause. "I said... Jesus loves you."


"I am bhuddist." He tells me. "But.... p-p-please... tell me about Jesus."

Immediately I felt my spirit leap. I walk back towards the counter, stare into his face and say, "You want me to tell you about Jesus? He is the Truth. Are you prepared for me to tell you that bhuddism is wrong?"

"Yes.. please tell me."

So late last night, when all I really wanted to do was go home and be in bed, the Holy Spirit interrupts the night and leads me to this bhuddist man. We stood by the counter as I shared the Word with him and shared who Jesus was.

After sharing he stares at me and says, "I want to meet Jesus. I want to know him. Will you introduce me to him?"

Right there and then, in the middle of the petrol station, we prayed and he accepted Jesus into his heart. The presence of God was so strong and so thick, and the man was so hungry, that he also received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. And as he cried he lifted up his hands and declared to heaven, "Jesus I love you. Jesus I want to know you. Jesus, I am sorry. Jesus, speak to me. Jesus, I reject bhuddism. I cut all ties to bhuddhism. No more. No more. All I want is you."

Tears streamed down my face as I watched this man pray from his heart. Pray in truth. Pray in humility.

"Do you have a Bible?" I ask him.
He looks at me confused. "What is a Bible?"

It was then and there that I was hit with reality. In Ecc 3 it says that eternity is in the hearts of all men. This man knew nothing about the King but as soon as he sensed the presence of God and was hit with the truth of Jesus... he knew that it was the way, truth, the life. It clicked. Made sense. In his human understanding and knowledge he knows nothing... but what I carried and what I shared sat perfectly in his spirit.

I called my church today and arranged for a guy to follow this man up. I'm so excited to watch him grow in the Lord!
posted by Samantha Louise 4:56 PM  
  • At August 16, 2007 at 5:33:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Paul said…

    Praise God. Wow he is powerful. That is such an exciting story Sam thanks for sharing. Your boldness and simplicity is beautiful.

  • At August 16, 2007 at 5:52:00 PM GMT+10, Anonymous Bill Johnson said…

    Oh, my goodness Sam! you might bump into walls, and slip over a lot, but hey look at the flip side ;) We all need more of these type of accidents!

  • At August 18, 2007 at 5:36:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Mike Messerli said…

    Preach it, sister! What a great story! Thanks for being available for God to use you, and for being bold enough to be "corny". Watching God work is exciting.

    When you see your friend again tell him that a brother in Christ in Texas says, "welcome to the family, I look forward to meeting you in heaven!"

    Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting words!

  • At August 18, 2007 at 9:16:00 AM GMT+10, Blogger Mike Messerli said…


    by the way, I mentioned you in my blog in a piece called "celebrating weakness", also linked to you.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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