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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Early this morning.
It was so unexpected. If it wasn't for the blood curdling scream of my friend, I don't think I would have even realised for I was in my own world.

This morning was just like any other Wednesday morning. 5:30am start, rushing around the house. Quick, where are my keys! Oh no, I forgot my gloves. Musn't be late. Must hurry. Wednesday morning prayer meeting. You gotta love it. Be there before the sun rises, march up and down proclaiming the name of Jesus. 50 other people by your side, praying with you, sleep still in their eyes. Bed hair. Clothes not yet straightened.
Would never have thought it to happen. Not today anyways. The prayer had ended, one hour of seeking the face of the Lord. Boy was I tired, it's time to sit. Rest. Maybe close my eyes and prepare for work that day.

And here I am, sitting next to my friend. Enjoying the moment of it all. Everybody is milling around, chatting amongst groups. "What's going on for you today!" They'd say, quiet whispers quickly becomming yells.
It was such a comfortable place to sit and to watch and observe the actions of my peers. Nice wooden table. Metal legs. Big enough for the two of us. Hiding in the shadows... it's too early to socialise.

But then, it happened. It began with that scream. She screamed. It was at the sound of that scream that stopped the room into a deafening silence. It was the scream that turned all their attention onto us. Why did she scream? What was that BANG? Why are my legs hurting? And why am I falling?

This pivotol moment of rushing thoughts brought me to the revelation that something bad had happened. Quiet embarrassing really. Something that could only happen to myself. At the realisation of our sudden centre of attention I realised that I was sitting in between two slabs of wood. On the ground. Two slabs of wood that were once in union of being a table.

The table snapped.

My friend screamed.

And we fell.

The room was uplifted in the roaring of laughter.
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