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Monday, May 14, 2007
The Hurley Hoody.

Dinner at my dad's. You beauty.

That's where I'm at right now. Sitting on my old kitchen table with my father next to me, staring at me with wide eyes to see how his baby daughter is handling life. Typical of all fathers, he hands me some cash in my hand. Knowing that he is struggling for money himself, it makes me realise how precious I really am to him.

Just as I am also precious to my Heavenly Father.

I really really really wanted to buy a new Hurley hoody. I know that sounds so materalistic and selfish and whatever else, but the truth is.. it's the truth. I wanted a new hoody. And at Christmas time I had been given a $50 voucher to a shopping center, which I had not yet used! So off I went to the shops. I find this hoody, as pictured, and loved it. It was $79.95. $50 was cool. But I didn't have the extra 30 bucks! My friend offered to pay what I couldn't afford. And, as a joke, I say outloud with my friend "haha God, if you feel like being cool, make this come up as a sale item on the computer... and give me $20 off.". I'm telling you. It was just a quick prayer up, one where I was joking. I wasn't even expecting it. I take it to the cash register, say hello to the sales man, he beeps it through and says casually...

"That will be $59.95 thanks"

My friend starts laughing. I go bright red.

"Uh... excuse me?" Just in case, you know, I heard wrongly.

"That's $59.95.."

"No no no ... I think you got it wrong... the tag says it's $79.95."

"Well you can pay the extra 20 bucks if you want... but they screwed it up... for some reason it's been put through the computer as a sale item, sooooo you get it as a sale item."

And with an awkward stunned look upon my face I hand him my $50 voucher and the extra $9.95.

"Sam..." My friend says, tears welling in her eyes from laughter. "Do you know how powerful your prayers are?"

I felt almost embarrassed. "I swear.. I was only joking!!!"

"Well.." She says. "God has a good sense of humour then."
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