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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The clock tells me that it is 2:56AM. I have just returned from an adventurous night of shopping. It all began at 7pm as I entered the shiny doors at my local shopping center. The excitement was hard to contain. To begin my shopping experience I treated myself to a yoghurt and fresh mango at Healthy Habits. This is the most sensational yoghurt that I have ever allowed my taste buds to indulge in. My first time was one week ago and already I have splurged 10 times on these delightful appetisers, costing me a grand total of $39.00. Ridiculous I know, but there is nothing I can do about it, for I am hooked.
From 7pm until Midnight I ran around the shops in high expectations of finding the perfect gift. Ofcourse, I did, and ofcourse.. I'm excited to give this perfect gift to my friends and family! My evening was also spent bumping into friends and catching up with them. Note to self: If you ever want to catch up with old friends... go late night shopping at Christmas time.
Midnight found the doors to my favourite shopping center closing, and having two more gifts to buy, I jump in my car with my two friends and drive to the next shopping center. This one was open 24 hours. Wide-eyed we pranced through the mall (how american!) and finished off our christmas shopping.
And now we arrive here.
Driving home I realised something dreadful. I'm growing old. My body was aching and all I could dream about was the warm comfort of my bed. Only a few years ago, as I rebelled against God, I would be moving from club to club and pub to pub until all hours of the morning. Ofcourse there is not even a slightest bit of me that wishes to do that, I haven't been to a club since March 2004 (hallejuiah I plan to never do that again!)... Yet, I miss being able to stay up all night long.
Oh well, never mind... I'm going to bed now.... Typing is beginning to become impossible....

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posted by Samantha Louise 2:52 AM  
  • At December 24, 2006 at 5:45:00 PM GMT+11, Anonymous Nicholas said…

    24-hour shopping centre - what is that?

    I am always relived when I finish my CHristmas shopping, mainly because the fear that I will forget can be put behind me.

    I do like giving someone a gift that I bought for them in particular (not one of those "this'ldo" gifts). When you get them the right gift, the reaction is priceless.

    But it's hard to get someone the right gift when you haven't been in their life. Is Christmas time the only time you think about some people? Maybe we should practice gift-giving more often, if only to cause us to think about other people's needs more :)


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