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Friday, March 30, 2007
Finding God... part 3.
Continued from 'Finding God... part 2.'

The walls were crumbling. I stood helplessly as I watched the people surrounding me worship their God. For the first time, my eyes were opened. The love was pouring out of their lips, out of their actions. Everything that they were, their whole being, was for their King. Studying the face of one of the girls I could see peace and rest and love and hope written all over her. Her eyes danced. Her lips were curved upright. Hands were in the air in adoration. Worship. Love. A laying down of life. It was a sweet aroma to a decaying mind. All this time I thought they were nerds. Geeks. Losers. But now, I realised, that I was missing out.

Earlier that day Nathan had approached me. I was flirting hoplessly with the drummer. And along comes Nathan. Good ol Nathan. Always smiling. Always caring. Always had a mystery veiled across his eyes. What did his eyes say? They were so real. It was as if they held a secret. A secret that I longed to know about. And here he was, smiling as always. Whenever he came close to me I could feel a sense of... belonging? Light? Yes, light poured out of him. That was what scared me most. The light. There can be no darkness in light. Darkness was my friend, and each time I was near him I would feel my body squirm.
He looks at me and says pleasantly, "Have you ever given your heart to Jesus?".

Shock abounds me.

My face crumbles, fists begin to clench. Who was this guy to ask me such an offensive question?

Cursing, I turn away and walk off from him.

But ALL DAY his question gripped me. Why did it send shivers down my back? Why did it cause the hairs on my arm to stand on end? What was it about him?

What is it about this place? These people?

The night before, the first night, I was stuck in a cabin room surrounded by squeeling girls. Alone I perched atop of my bunk bed as I stared down at them reading the Bible. The BIBLE!? Distant memories of wanting to read that Book haunted me.

Why were they so happy?

And now, I'm standing on the edge of a cliff. A decision is to be made. You must lose your life to find it...

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